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A CPA Orange County is a financial services professional. They may act as a consultant or be a chief financial officer at a major corporation. They are proficient in business and personal financial matters. They may prepare annual tax returns or handle quarterly returns. Financial planning and portfolio management may also be a part of their available services.

An accountant may offer many of the same services but with a certified public accountant there some added assurances. Know that they have had additional testing and education to become certified. They will also have met state requirements to become licensed. Usually an advanced degree was necessary and continuing education units are a must in order to keep the license.

Often the best place to start looking for a certified professional is with friends, neighbors or relatives that have used the same services you are seeking. They can recommend someone they are currently trusting with their finances. If business services are needed, start with a trusted business associate or other business professional.

Choose three candidates, do a little research and ask questions before making a decision. The Internet is a great research tool. Of course, what is found there has to be taken with a grain of salt. People don’t often post positive experiences as readily as they will a negative one.

Some pertinent information to find out is how long they have been in business, are they currently licensed in this state and ask for current client information. Be sure to follow up with those clients and ask about the services they needed. In particular, ask for a client using the same services you need.

A CPA Orange County is a financial support professional. They can assist with all financial needs. Their role is so vital it is important to choose the right one. Be up front about needs and expectations to help find the best fit.

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