Strike While The Iron Is Hot

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Making sure that you are accepted by a CPA network involves a bit of work on your part, and it is key to remember that everyone who is applying wants, just as much as you do, to be accepted to the networks you have applied to. It is therefore essential to make yourself look as valuable as possible to a CPA network by showing that you are intent on making the promotions you are involved in a success for you, for the advertisers and for everyone else involved. In part, you can demonstrate this to the network by not leaving it to them to get back to you.

In some sectors of the business world this might be considered impolite – getting in people’s faces works in some businesses but in others it is considered highly off-putting. In CPA, a major part of the strategy that will make you successful will be your enthusiasm. Showing that you do not lack in enthusiasm will work to your advantage – it is well worth calling to follow up your application and explaining that you are keen to get started. They may go through a phone interview with you there and then and if you demonstrate knowledge to go with your enthusiasm you will look much better in their eyes.

You may find from looking on the network’s website a list of Messenger IDs for the affiliate managers at the company. This is an excellent chance to make immediate contact and, if the affiliate manager is not available to chat at the time you can make a telephone appointment right there.

Make Your Website Stand Out For CPA Networks

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One of the most frequently asked questions about CPA is “Do I need a website in order to get accepted to a network?”. It is a fair question too, as some of the promotions run by CPA advertisers do not actually need to be advertised through a website specifically. There are promotions that will work equally well through social networking. Some CPA networks will accept you without a website, and if you are filled with dread at the prospect of setting up a website for some reason, then you can concentrate on working through them. However if the question is “Do I need a website in order to make real progress?” the answer is “Yes.”

There can be no denying that CPA networks look much more favorably on applicants who have a website to link to. This is a fact. In fact, many networks have a hard and fast rule preventing people from signing up to the network if they do not have a website. The best networks stipulate that you need to have a website, and will check that website to see if it is up to the standards they have come to expect from applicants. Therefore it cannot be a holding page, it should not be a social networking profile, and it should have original content and some concept of design to it.

Think about applying for a credit card or a loan. You have to go through a credit check to show the lender that you are trustworthy, or they won’t lend you the money. With CPA networks, they are staking their reputation on providing good affiliates, so they want you to show that you know what that takes. Give them something good to look at.

The Role Of A CPA Network

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The process of signing up to a CPA network is one that is often little understood by new internet marketers. The impression that many have is that it would be a lot easier and more straightforward to just liaise with advertisers one to one. However, the history of CPA has shown that the networks’ role as middlemen in the deal is one which positively benefits both sides. The number of promotions out there which you could theoretically take part in is large, but signing up to a network collects them all under the one banner and allows you to find them more easily.

CPA networks also take care of the payment process – allowing the promoters and the advertisers to concentrate on the things that they are most skilled in doing. They add an element of credibility to both sides which is important in a sector where customers usually do not, and often cannot meet face to face (something which is considered important in terms of building credibility and trust). It is for this reason that the most prestigious CPA networks – and a majority of all the others too – will insist on a phone interview. Their credibility stands and falls on who they accept.

None of this should stand to discourage you from applying for any CPA network. The worst they can do is say no, and there will be several others who will say yes. Some smaller and newer networks do not have an interview requirement, and these may be good ones with which to start your campaigns.